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List of Blocked Websites in the UK

The UK has never been known as the most open or liberal of countries, and their ongoing war against the free and open Internet is certainly an example of this. The UK has a list of blocked websites which seems to get longer all the time, likely making it so this article needs to be […]

The UK has never been known as the most open or liberal of countries, and their ongoing war against the free and open Internet is certainly an example of this. The UK has a list of blocked websites which seems to get longer all the time, likely making it so this article needs to be updated often.

The list of websites that the UK has blocked includes websites added for a number of different reasons. The four most common are:

  1. Pirating websites
  2. Live streaming websites
  3. Counterfeit merchandise websites
  4. Blocked for foreigners

Not only do they block their citizens from viewing content available to most of the world, but they also block most of the world from viewing content that they have! This will also be looked below, with solutions offered along the way!

List of blocked websites in the UK: Pirating

Pirating websites are blocked in the UK, and have been since they started blocking The Pirate Bay in 2012. This type of website blocking in the UK is done at the ISP level. There’s a court order out to block them, and these ISPs participate in blocking the sites:

  • Skyengland-2906827_1920
  • Virgin
  • BT
  • TalkTalk
  • EE

These are the companies enforcing the blocks. Just FYI. Here are all of the sites currently blocked for pirating in the UK:

BlockedWebsitesFor PiratingUK
Download For All.comEMP3World.ccExtraTorrent.ccEZTV.it
SevenTorrents.reSumoTorrent.sxThe Pirate Bay.org, seTorLock.com
Torrentz.cd, eu, proTorrentzap.comTVChaosUK.comTV-series.me
Vertor.euVitorrent.orgWarez-bb.orgWatchSeries.lt, to

Yes, that is a lot of websites. The full list of websites blocked in the UK isn’t even anywhere near being done yet, and it’s already exhausting! There is still this list of blocked pirate websites which are dedicated solely to ebook sharing:

BlockedWebsitesEbook PiratingUK
FreebookspotFreshwapLibrary Genesis

What’s worse is that both of these lists are expected to grow over the years as more pirate downloading sites spring up and the UK identifies and blocks them.

Get around the pirate site blocks

A step to take to get around these blocks is to see if there are any which aren’t blocked in the UK yet, and you can click here for the best torrent sites that are still up.

The most important thing to do at all times while torrenting is to use a VPN which allows for torrenting. It won’t matter if the torrent site is blocked or not if your ISP can still see your downloads and you get hit for copyright infringement. Here are the top two torrenting VPNs that we recommend:

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Any of these will make it so you can not only get past the blocks, but also torrent from these sites in private. You need to do this so you don’t get a DMCA notice.

List of blocked websites in the UK: Live streams

A number of entities have been doing what they can to stop live streaming pirate sites, the most notable of which being the Premier League. Making all of the money in the world appears to not be enough for them as they force the government to add more and more sites to their blocked list:

BlockedWebsitesEbook PiratingUK
123MoviesCouchtuner.fr, videoFirstRow1.euFmovies
MovieTubeNowMyWatchSeries.acPrimeWireProject Free TV
Tube +VidicsVioozVodly

There were also a number of specific servers which were targeted by the Premier League, but these were more dark web-oriented and not published publicly. With the Premier League still working against pirate streams with the shutting down of Reddit’s r/soccerstreams, you know that this list will grow with both direct and indirect shutdowns.

Porn streaming sites could be next

A final point to bring up in streaming, though not live, is the potential for porn streaming sites to be blocked. This coming legislation would see age verification blocks put in place that push you to prove you’re over 18.

How they’ll do this is dicey, with credit cards being a possibility. This, of course, is a terrible idea. The last thing anyone needs is another place to put their credit card to be potentially exploited across however many porn sites one visits.

Get around the live stream site blocks

The list of blocked sites is pretty exhaustive, but there may be one still available to you if you’re interested in Premier League action. If not, you’re left with using a VPN that’s good for streaming. This one is highly recommended for streaming:

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These will hide your live streaming activities so that the ISPs can’t block you, and they have the bandwidth to make sure you’re seeing everything as it happens with minimal buffering issues.

List of blocked websites in the UK: Counterfeit merchandise

Stopping counterfeit merchandise has been an issue for decades, and the Internet has only made it worse. As more companies seek to stop counterfeiters from profiting off their designs, pressure is being put on legislators to stop access to these sites as a way of cutting off their sales.

The list of blocked counterfeit websites includes:


It is a short list, but it is a big win for manufacturers as they have been pushing for years to take these sites down as a way of prosecuting them without being able to arrest them. These blocks were actually pushed for by Cartier International, Montblanc, and Richemont.

Getting around this block should not be a priority for anyone. The merchandise is low-quality, and you’ll likely look for a refund you’ll never get. Buy locally! Can’t afford Rolex? Bulova still makes great watches!

List of blocked websites outside the UK

The UK is also notorious for blocking websites to those who are outside of the UK. Those travelling or living away from the UK can find themselves blocked from accessing these sites, even if they pay for a subscription!

BBC iPlayerChannel4 - AllChannel5 - AllFILMON
iBoxiTV HubLondon LiveNow TV
Rakuten TVSky - AllSTV PlayerTalkTalk TV Store

If you are from the UK and away on vacation, you’re going to be blocked. Those are the main channels serving the UK, but there are also specialty sports and music channels being blocked:

BlockedSports SitesOutsideUK
BT SportEurosport PlayerPremier PlayerAbsolute Radio
Now 80sTuneIn

This is done for a number of reasons, but it usually comes down to money and copyrights via territory. Sorting out distribution rights is going to be the last hurdle the Internet faces, but for now you can use a VPN to get around it. Here is an Australian talking about geoblocking in his home country:

Get around the blocks on foreigners

The only way to really get around these types of blocks is to trick the sites into thinking that you are actually in the UK. This is done by changing your IP address to one that matches a computer that would be in the UK.

This is easier to do than you may believe as VPNs are designed to exchange your IP address for one in the UK if you choose a UK server. Here is one VPN provider which is great for geo-blocking issues like this:

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These VPNs will give you many UK server choices so that you can unblock this content from outside the UK. Whether you’re from the UK or not, this is a great thing as you’ll have access to the best of Britain!

Dealing with blocked websites in general

Blocked websites are a reality faced by many people all over the world, not just those in the UK. The surest way to deal with these blocks is by some way changing your IP address, or masking your activity with encryption.

A VPN is the easiest way to do this in all instances. Whether you’re in the UK, or trying to access websites in the UK from outside of the UK, it is highly advisable that you invest in one of the top-quality VPNs we recommend.

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