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VPNHub is a VPN service operated by popular adult website Pornhub. It is a relatively young VPN provider, being launched only in 2018. VPNHub claims to offer fast and reliable VPN connections for viewing online content, and it has 1,000 servers in 47 countries.

We found the provider fairly average, offering the standard features found in mid-range providers. One thing we did like is the relative ease of signing up and using the service. We also liked the presence of a free plan that offers unlimited bandwidth.

We did find its prices too high for what it offers. There are also some concerns about the reliability of its service. We suggest that you look instead at our top 5 VPN recommendations to find better options.


Being attached to Pornhub, VPNHub’s features are centered around giving you better security when accessing the popular adult site or any other sites. Some of its features are:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IPv6 leaks protection
  • Kill switch option
  • Protection from email interception

All of these features come together to help keep your browsing activity private and ensure that you enjoy a secure connection throughout your session.

The provider has apps for desktop and mobile use. They are pretty straightforward to use, and you can set them to instantly connect once you log into your device.

VPNHub App

There is also a unique Scramble feature which hides any trace that you are using a VPN. You can also view the logs to keep track of your traffic.

Free version

Aside from the paid Premium version, VPNHub also offers a free version. The site says you can enjoy unlimited data when browsing with the free plan. It is also easy to use; just download the client app then connect.

VPNHub’s free version does have some certain issues, with the displayed ads being the most prominent one. These ads are often intrusive to the browsing experience and slow down the already slow connection provided by the service. The free version also has fewer features.

Servers and countries

VPNHub’s reach is decent, covering the 47 countries which are listed below.

VPNHub Countries

Most of these countries are in Europe, with a few from Asia and Africa. The company says that it has 1,000 servers spread across these locations.

It is also worth noting that the servers used by VPNHub are owned by other companies. The ones under its paid services are run by cloud services provider StackPath. This is the same company that manages the servers of popular VPN provider IPVanish. You might want to consider using IPVanish instead if you need more locations and advanced features.

Speed and reliability

VPNHub claims to offer fast servers for its customers’ use, but it does not provide any speed data to back its claims. This makes it to gauge the exact speeds provided by its servers. We can infer the possible speeds on the assumption that VPNHub uses the same hardware as IPVanish.

This also applies to reliability. If VPNHub uses the same hardware and connections as IPVanish, then we should expect similar performance. Do note that there are still other factors that will affect this provider’s overall reliability, especially when it comes to the free service.

Pricing and payments

VPNHub offers two different pricing plans for its premium service:

  • Monthly: $13.99
  • Yearly: $6.99 per month, billed as $83.88

These prices are on the higher end of the usual VPN price ranges. Considering the features that it offers, this might not be the most cost-effective option. The plans come with a seven-day free trial that is separate from the free plan.

To purchase, you provide your email address and create an account password. You can pay only through credit cards and can switch to a different plan anytime.


VPNHub only provides customer support through email. You send your questions or inquiries to support@vpnhub.com. The site does not give an estimated response time, which means you should be prepared to wait.

There is scarcity in the way of on-site resources. The FAQ section provides only basic answers to the covered topics. Besides that, the site doesn’t provide any tutorial or guides.

Logging and policies

VPNHub’s Privacy policy states that it does not log your session activity, adding that it doesn’t associate any domains, websites, and applications you use with your identity. The site also said that your IP address is automatically deleted from its servers the moment you disconnect from the VPN.

The company does state that it might still collect some personally-identifiable information from you during direct engagements. VPNHub does not mention how long these details are kept in its files. If you are uneasy with these policies, feel free to compare this provider with those featured in our no-logs VPN list to see how it fares.

Expert recommendations

VPNHub is an intriguing provider, being born out of Pornhub’s attempt to branch out to new business ventures. Our VPNHub review found this provider fairly decent with enough features to let you enjoy a good streaming connection. The free plan is also a nice option despite its limitations.

With that being said, pricing is the biggest issue with this one. The features VPNHub offers don’t really justify the high prices. There is also the issue of less diverse geographical coverage. If you want a more cost-effective solution with better feature sets, we recommend that you take a look at our top 10 VPN list.

VPNHub Review

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