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VPN Facile Review

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Launched in 2010, VPN Facile is a French VPN provider. While reviewing VPN Facile, we weren’t exactly impressed with what we saw. It does offer some good features like unlimited server switching and P2P support, but the perks stop there.

Its customer support is poor, as are its customer protection policies. The refund policy is tricky; you can’t request a refund if you’re unsatisfied with its services. It also doesn’t have a logging policy. If you value online privacy and security, we suggest that you check the top VPN providers that we have reviewed on our website, and you’ll surely find better solutions.


VPN Facile offers the following features:

  • P2P support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited speed
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Connect all your devices

This is not a bad set of features. We especially like the fact that VPN Facile allows users to connect all their devices using a single account. We also like that it supports P2P. We think that there is still room for improvement here, as VPN Facile lacks a kill switch, leak protection, and they don’t state their encryption features. We suggest looking at a feature-laden provider like IP Vanish instead.

Countries & servers

VPN Facile has VPN servers in 29 countries, meaning its server network is average at best.

VPN Facile Servers and Countries

It has 11 servers in the Netherlands, eight in France, six in Luxembourg, three in Germany, and two in Sweden. The rest of the countries have one VPN server each.

We can’t recommend VPN Facile for geo-unblocking with this kind of network. If the primary reason why you’re using a VPN is geo-unblocking, or if you travel often and want to have a nearby server, we advise that you check out these top VPN providers that specialize in geo-unblocking.

Speed & reliability

VPN Facile states that its VPN speed connection is guaranteed, but we’ll need more information than that to confirm its statement:

VPN Facile Low Latency

VPN Facile claims that its VPN servers provide very low latency. It states that it uses its own VPN servers so that it can personally configure them for you to enjoy the same speed even during peak usage.

VPN Facile Own Servers

VPN Facile’s mission is to allow users to enjoy the same Internet connection speed as if they weren’t using a VPN at all. It also claims that when you connect to its VPN servers through its apps, it will choose the best server for you. Users will be distributed among different VPN servers to avoid server overload.

Even though these are encouraging statements, and that VPN Facile states that it has a team working non-stop to ensure optimized connection speed, we found this section under the terms of services that contradicts these statements.

VPN Facile Speed

VPN Facile does not guarantee that you won’t experience any sudden drops, interruptions, or slow speeds. If you’re unsatisfied with VPN Facile’s services, it’s too bad that you can’t get a refund.

Pricing & payments

VPN Facile offers three pricing plans: monthly, six-month, and one-year packages. The best offer is in the one-year subscription where users can save up to 46%.

VPN Facile Pricing

The company provides the same features with each pricing plan. All plans are supposedly protected with a 15-day refund guarantee.

VPN Facile accepts payments through credit cards and PayPal.


We weren’t satisfied with the customer support provided by VPN Facile. For one, we didn’t get a response to our messages, even though the company states that it has 24/7 live chat support. We also didn’t like the customer support the company has in the form of content. On the website, you can find the following customer support:

  • Contact us
  • Live chat (not working)
  • How to install VPN

There’s no FAQ, no knowledge base, no resources, and no setup guides. Customer support is a vital part of what constitutes a caring and quality VPN provider. Users must have easy ways to learn more about a VPN provider’s services and contact the support team, like how Private Internet Access has live chat support for at least 12 hours out of every day.

Policies & logging

VPN Facile offers the following customer protection policies on its website:

  • Privacy policy: When registering to VPN Facile’s services, you will be asked to disclose certain information like your email address, mailing address, and other details necessary for kickstarting your account. The company claims not to sell or trade your information with anyone. It uses cookies, and it will only use your information to enhance your experience with the company’s services:
VPN Facile Privacy
  • Refund policy: VPN Facile doesn’t specify in which cases are you eligible to ask for a refund. We do know that if you’re unsatisfied with its services, you can’t make such a request. VPN Facile has a 15-day refund guarantee:
VPN Facile Refund

VPN Facile also doesn’t have a logging policy. That’s not good as we don’t know if it monitors your online activity or not. Check out some of the VPN providers that have strong no-logging policies to make sure that your online privacy is kept intact.

Expert recommendation

VPN Facile is a decent VPN provider with lots of perks, and a few downsides. We had a hard time reviewing this provider—it offers some good features, but at the same time, it disappoints with some major flaws.

While it offers a solid server network, supports P2P networking, and provides unlimited server switching, it didn’t impress with its weak customer support and protection policies. Anyone doing P2P without a kill switch is also making a mistake. VPN Facile says that it has a 15-day refund policy, but if you’re not satisfied with its services, you can’t request for a refund. The company also doesn’t have a no-logging policy.

We strongly advise that you check out the top VPN providers that we have reviewed, and choose one that will protect your online privacy and security.

VPN Facile Review

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