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Privacy Abroad VPN Review

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Founded in 2011 in Bern, Switzerland, Privacy Abroad VPN is a VPN provider whose goal is to protect homes and businesses from online attacks. Its work so far, however, doesn’t confirm that. It doesn’t offer good features as it is missing some fundamental features. Its server network is relatively small.

What struck us the most was the ridiculous one-year subscription plan. Privacy Abroad VPN has no monthly plan, only a yearly subscription, and that’s absurd. Its customer support is weak and doesn’t include a live chat feature. Its customer protection policies could also use some improvement, especially the refund policy.

We will go ahead and state that Privacy Abroad VPN is not worth your time. You’ll have an easy time finding a more suitable VPN provider if you read our reviews of the top VPN providers, and find the one that will protect your online security and privacy.


Privacy Abroad VPN offers the following features:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Can connect up to two devices with a single account
  • Unrestricted, fast streaming speeds

These features are not enough for us to believe that Privacy Abroad VPN offers quality services. There is no kill switch, leak protection, torrenting support, and no logging policy. Without these features, we have no reason to believe that Privacy Abroad VPN is a top VPN provider.

Privacy Abroad VPN Features

These features are so far behind a VPN like VyprVPN and their original creation, Chameleon, it’s difficult to truly compare them at all.

Countries & servers

Privacy Abroad VPN allows users to connect to 35 different VPN servers in 26 countries. This is a relatively small VPN server network, and it is definitely not suitable for geo-unblocking.

Privacy Abroad VPN Server Countries

With only 35 VPN servers, don’t expect this VPN provider to provide you speedy and stable VPN connections. It is well-known that VPN connection speed is related to the physical distance between the VPN servers and your device. With only 35 servers at its disposal, we don’t think Privacy Abroad VPN is capable of providing a steady VPN connection.

Speed & reliability

As we mentioned in the previous section, VPN connection speed and reliability are both reliant on the size of the VPN network. These two important metrics are also dependent on the type of software the company uses to establish the VPN connection plus other important factors.

There is no relevant information about speed and reliability on Privacy Abroad VPN’s website, other than the fact that this provider allegedly provides unrestricted fast streaming speeds. With a lack of information, we can’t state with confidence that Privacy Abroad VPN’s connection is indeed unrestricted and fast.

Pricing & payments

Privacy Abroad VPN offers two pricing plans: regular and premium. The premium pricing plan offers more advanced features, but it also comes at a higher price.

Privacy Abroad VPN Pricing

Both plans are annual-based, and Privacy Abroad VPN doesn’t have any monthly subscription. The prices they are asking are far above the much higher quality Cyberghost VPN, which can be had for as little as $2.50 per month.

The company accepts payments through MasterCard, PostFinance Card, and CoinPayments.


Privacy Abroad VPN has limited customer support. It doesn’t have live chat support, and its email support is complicated. The rest of its customer support includes:

  • FAQ
  • Newsletter
  • Tips
  • Resources
Privacy Abroad VPN Customer Support

Email support is limited and is available only during specific hours of the week. These are the only sections found under FAQ.

Privacy Abroad VPN FAQ

All in all, this kind of customer support is average at best.

Policies & logging

Privacy Abroad VPN offers the following customer protection policies:

  • Privacy policy: Privacy Abroad VPN only collects information necessary to start a customer account. Personal information is used for record keeping, site management, and fulfillment of requested transactions. Personal information is not disclosed to third parties other than Privacy Abroad VPN’s trusted providers.
  • Refund policy: Privacy Abroad VPN offers a stringent 10-day money-back guarantee.
  • Logging policy: Privacy Abroad VPN won’t monitor or disclose the contents of a customer’s private communications unless required by law.
Privacy Abroad VPN Logging Policy

These are the customer protection policies provided by Privacy Abroad VPN. We didn’t like these policies, especially the fact that the company offers a short refund period.

Expert recommendation

We end this Privacy Abroad VPN review by stating that Privacy Abroad VPN is not a quality VPN provider. It doesn’t offer good features, it has a limited server network, and its pricing plans are not only expensive, but are also only available at a yearly subscription rate. Customer support is poor and insufficient. The company offers weak customer protection policies, with the refund policy being particularly appalling.

Privacy Abroad VPN is a poor VPN provider. You will be better off taking a look at other VPN providers we have reviewed on our website, and finding the right solution for you.

Privacy Abroad VPN Review

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