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    Private Internet Access
    Average rating:  
     12 reviews
     by Abigail

    PIA has amazing customer support who are keen to ensure their customers get their issues sorted out in the shortest time possible. With this service i am assured of my privacy and anonymity. I got them for this and 2 years down the line, it has been bliss.

     by Elijah

    I use a restricted line and i have discovered that using private internet access i am able to enjoy faster speeds. Their customer support is awesome, they are very prompt and clearly knowledgeable in what they do going by how they answer my mostly technical questions.

     by Esther

    I have used PIA for the last 6 months and so far it has lived up to its name. My privacy is well taken care of. I have to mention their fast speeds as well.

     by David

    These guys have a great customer support that is always quick to answer my questions. They have offered me and my company. I am assured that my data is secure, at least going by the trend in the last 2 years since starting to use this service.

     by Cate

    I got pia primarily for privacy reasons but discovered their great speeds as well while in the course of using the service. The speeds are excellent which to me comes as an additional service since like i mentioned i got the service with privacy in mind.

     by Steve

    My company has been using pia for the last years. We deal with some very intricate information and we are very sensitive about our communication and what we do online. Since acquiring their services w have had zero incidences. If you are keen on your privacy this is the service you need.

     by Cathy

    PIA are the most affordable VPN services i have used that deliver what they promise. Just like the name suggests they give you privacy. I have used them for the last 16 months and i have had no issues at all.

     by emily

    PIA have a great support with great speed and best security with best privacy with no logging

     by Brian Brigg

    When HideMyAss would not work from Indonesia I tried PIA and it works perfectly with no sign of any issues for almost a year now. The price is great and speeds have never been an issue.

     by Mike Kelly

    I have been using PIA a while now. Whilst the software uses the Ruby Assembly Compilers and creates random files in random directories (Sending firewalls like Comodo beserk (However there is a workaround for this on their forum), this VPN provider is best in class. I have only 3 complaints.

    No, obvious, SSTP provision

    Not enough international coverage. However,

    Use of third party hosting servers (Some with a very poor reputation).

    I am sure the first 2 will improve with time, and the third is only really an issue if your connection is dropped or you logged in via those servers. There is, without a doubt, definitely no one else, (With the same level of encryption and added features such as, ip cloaking (Multiple users share the same ip address, making tracing virtually impossible. Especially if you pay by one of the anonymous methods) the kill switch, no logging, free socks 5 proxy included in your connection and remote firewall (Local firewalls are not sufficient when using a VPN.

    If you need coverage in other countries (Not included in this package) and the connection speeds are not sufficient when logged in from neighbouring servers, you even have enough to take out a second account with another provider covering those zones. (With the exception of China and Egypt, the speeds on my connections were sufficient as to not need to do that).

    Highly recommended! No viral infections from this service whilst using their service.

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