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Launched in 2010, NoodleVPN hasn’t lived up to its initial potential as a VPN provider. This VPN provider looks legitimate and impressive at first sight, but digging deeper reveals some flaws.

The features look great as described on NoodleVPN’s website. Its server network also looks impressive. Once we started reviewing its pricing plans, we stumbled across something terrible. When you click on the pricing plans, you’ll be immediately redirected to a third-party website without your consent.

We also found that the company doesn’t have a privacy policy, which is a major gap. We highly recommend that you check our reviews of the five best VPN providers that offer reliable VPN services.


NoodleVPN offers a rather comprehensive feature set. It lists the following features:

  • IP and DNS leak protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited switching
  • No-logging policy
  • 2048-bit encryption
  • Integrated kill switch
  • PPTP, LT2P, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN protocols
  • P2P allowed on European servers
  • Up to five devices connected simultaneously
NoodleVPN Features

We have to say that we were pleasantly surprised with this feature set. Not every VPN provider includes a kill switch, leak protection, and torrenting support feature.

Countries & servers

This part seemed a little peculiar to us. For regular VPN pricing plans, NoodleVPN offers up to 20 server locations. For the special pricing plan, the company claims to offer 2,000+ servers across 180 locations. The difference between the pricing plans doesn’t seem right us at all.

NoodleVPN Server List

Its presence is strongest in Europe where it has 800+ highly-optimized servers, followed by North America with 660+, and Asia with 320+ VPN servers. The fact that most of its pricing plans allow you to access only a fragment of its server network prevents us from recommending this VPN provider as suitable for geo-unblocking. If you want to access geo-restricted content in foreign countries, check out some of the top VPN providers who specialize in geo-unblocking.

Speed & reliability

NoodleVPN claims that it does not impose bandwidth caps. NoodleVPN further states that there is unlimited downloads for all its VPN services and that their uplink is 1024 Mbps:

NoodleVPN Speed

While this is all nice and good in theory, a little more data would be appreciated. We don’t know if some servers get overcrowded, if some servers are faster location-wise, or if there’s sudden drops or interruptions. The best providers shows server loads right on their website.

Pricing & payments

This is probably the most disturbing aspect of NoodleVPN. Upon reviewing the pricing plans, we found that once you click on the pricing you are redirected to another website, and that is not okay.

NoodleVPN offers six different VPN packages:

NoodleVPN Pricing 1

When you click on some of these packages, you will be redirected to another website that will offer pricing plans for the VPN services.

NoodleVPN Pricing 2

This is highly suspicious and very unconventional for a VPN provider. The company redirects you to a third-party without your consent or without informing you that it will do that. That’s a major red flag right there. For the sake of having a reference, they’re referring you to PureVPN.

NoodleVPN accepts payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and WMZ.


NoodleVPN doesn’t have the best customer support. It doesn’t have live chat support, and it shares very little useful material on its knowledge base. The main communication method is through a ticketing system.

NoodleVPN Ticket System

You can find the following customer support sections on NoodleVPN’s website:

  • Knowledge base
  • Blog
  • Announcements
  • VPN support

We weren’t satisfied with how their customer support was organized content-wise, and we think that there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. There is no FAQ section, no resources, and no how-to guides or other helpful articles that would guide users on the use of this VPN. These are all important for a VPN provider striving to get a seat at the very top of the industry.

Policies & logging

NoodleVPN offers the following customer protection policies:

  • No-logging policy: NoodleVPN claims that it doesn’t log your online activity while you’re using its VPN client. The only thing the company knows about its users is their email address and username. They are well below the quality of those on our Top No-logs VPN Providers list though.
NoodleVPN No Logging Policy
  • Refund policy: Refunds are only given if the VPN client doesn’t work for more than three days. All refund requests must be filed within four days from the date of purchase. Refunds are processed within one business week.

Notice how the company doesn’t have a privacy policy? Remember we mentioned earlier that you’d be redirected to a third-party website without your consent? Not having a privacy policy is a major flaw in the VPN industry, and we bet none of you would agree to purchase VPN services without knowing how your personal data will be handled. Another major red flag!

Expert recommendation

Bottom line is NoodleVPN is a dubious VPN provider and not worth your time, effort, and money. Even though it looked legitimate at first, once we delved into the core of its website, we found plenty of disturbing elements that prevent us from ever recommending this VPN provider to you. It doesn’t have a privacy policy, and it redirects you to a third-party website without your consent. These things should be enough to help you realize what kind of VPN provider you’re dealing with.

NoodleVPN is a shady VPN provider. If you want to collaborate with a reliable, serious, and prestigious VPN provider that will provide you with decent VPN services, take a look at some of the top VPN providers we have reviewed on our website.


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