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Liberty Shield VPN Review

Before you buy a VPN suitable for Your Needs from the first company you find, check the reviews. We test, review and rate the top services for Liberty Shield Vpn Review. We want to make sure you get the highest quality Liberty Shield Vpn Review, the fastest turnaround time, the best support, the lowest price, and the guarantees to back it up. Don’t waste your money on scams or poor-quality providers.

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Liberty Shield VPN is a UK-based VPN and proxy service provider. While it offers some tempting features, it has some major flaws which we’ll discuss further. The feature set falls within the industry standard, but Liberty Shield VPN’s server network is severely lacking. With only eight VPN server locations, Liberty Shield VPN can’t possibly be ranked as a top VPN provider.

Liberty Shield VPN does have some impressive features, like its dedicated customer support team that was quick to answer our questions. The customer support section is also rich in content, which is equally important. The company has a no-logging policy, but that doesn’t count much once you learn that its services are only covered by a mere two-day refund guarantee.

As much as we’d like to recommend Liberty Shield VPN, there are better VPN providers out there. Check out these top VPNs, and read their reviews here on our website.


Liberty Shield VPN looks like an average VPN provider, but it does offer some quality features. On its website, it listed the following features that come with each pricing plan:

  • High speed servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 99.99% network uptime
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • No-logging policy
  • 48-hour free trial
  • Unlimited server switching
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
Liberty Shield VPN Features

These are quality features, but Liberty Shield VPN lacks a kill switch and leak protection. We also didn’t like the fact that there’s no support for torrenting. It does have a no-logging policy and a strong encryption method, which are good. Overall, this is pretty much a standard set of VPN features.

Countries & servers

This is probably the area where Liberty Shield VPN seriously fell short. There can’t be any talks about Liberty Shield VPN being a top VPN provider when it offers only eight servers in these locations:

Liberty Shield VPN Countries

It’s fair to point out that these are all countries where VPNs are in high demand, but this is nowhere near the level set by top VPN providers that have thousands of servers in more countries.

As VPN connection speed is directly correlated with the distance between the VPN server and your device, it is very probable that your connection will suffer. There’s also the possibility that the servers may get overcrowded since there’s so few of them. These are facts that you need to consider when choosing a VPN.

Speed & reliability

Connection speed and stability are directly under the influence of the size of a VPN’s server network. While the VPN may offer high speeds and unlimited bandwidth, that may not always be the real case with a low number of servers. We still want to give Liberty Shield VPN the benefit of the doubt, so we went ahead and asked its live chat support crew about this matter. Here’s their response:

Liberty Shield VPN Speed

While we do appreciate their honesty, we have to say that a 30-40% drop in performance is noting to brag about. We further asked them if their servers are often crowded since that is another major factor that can influence speed and reliability. They answered briefly:

Liberty Shield VPN Speed Reliability

As Liberty Shield VPN doesn’t provide any guarantees whatsoever about the speed and stability of its VPN connection, we can’t make a definite statement on these aspects.

Pricing & payments

Liberty Shield VPN offers four pricing plans. There’s also the possibility of activating the free trial period for 48 hours.

Liberty Shield VPN Pricing Payments

The plans are divided according to the length of subscription time, with all plans having the same features. The most affordable is the one-year plan. Liberty Shield VPN accepts payments through credit and debit cards.


Liberty Shield VPN has good customer support with a comprehensive support page, consisting of multiple sections filled with useful content. Customer support consists of the following parts:

  • FAQ
  • Setup guides
  • Getting Started
  • Blog
  • Live chat
  • Email support
Liberty Shield VPN Customer Support

We tested the live chat support on several occasions, and they responded in a prompt and friendly manner. Quality customer support is a trait of top VPN providers, and this is one particular area where Liberty Shield VPN impressed us the most.

Policies & logging

Apart from providing good customer support, a VPN provider must also have good customer protection policies to be deemed as top-quality. Let’s see how Liberty Shield VPN fares in this area:

  • Privacy policy: Liberty Shield VPN will need your billing information, email address, and payment information. It will store these pieces of information, but it won’t share them with third parties unless they’re necessary for providing services. The company also uses cookies, pixels, and website analytic tools.
  • Refund policy: Liberty Shield VPN has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you purchase its VPN router services. For a regular VPN service purchase, you only get a two-day free trial before you’re requested to make any payments.
Liberty Shield VPN Refund Policy
  • No-logging policy: Liberty Shield VPN claims it is dedicated to respecting your personal privacy and therefore doesn’t monitor, store, or log your online activity while you’re using their VPN client.
Liberty Shield VPN No Logging Policy

These are the basic protection policies found on Liberty Shield VPN’s website. These are all ordinary protection policies, and there were no major surprises here. We liked the fact that Liberty Shield VPN has a no-logging policy, plus the privacy policy looks solid. However, we think the company can improve the refund policy and make it more flexible.

Expert recommendation

Liberty Shield VPN is an average VPN provider that doesn’t offer anything special for the price of its services. The features fall into the bounds of the industry’s standard, but the server network is way below and can’t even be ranked as average. Having servers in only eight countries, Liberty Shield VPN is definitely not suitable for unblocking geo-restrictions and indulging into streaming and gaming activities. We cover much better streaming VPNs on our site.

We have to point out that the customer support impressed us the most. There’s a rich knowledge base consisting of a wide range of useful content, and the live chat support responded to all our inquiries in a prompt, informative, and friendly manner. The company also has good protection policies, with the no-logging policy being particularly impressive.

Liberty Shield VPN does offer some good features, but the two-day refund policy prevents us from believing that its services are reliable. If you want to get your money’s worth, we suggest that you take a look at the VPN providers we have reviewed on our website and find a better fit for you.


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